October 2016

Practical Empathy for Personal, Team and Business Success With Marie Miyashiro

In our increasingly digital world, empathy and connection are essential tools for establishing more human interactions.

Marie Miyashiro is the newest member of the CrossKnowledge Faculty. Marie believes that meaningful communication and empathy have often been neglected for the sake of efficiency. This groundbreaking collection offers real-world insights as well as practical ways to increase empathy skills organization-wide. It shows how empathy improves productivity, innovation, and profitability. Moreover, by changing the mindset of individuals, teams, and organizations, empathy revolutionizes the workplace.

Marie R. Miyashiro is an internationally recognized author, business consultant, facilitator, keynote speaker and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practitioner. Based on broad research on the vitality of organizations and workplace systems, she has developed an effective organizational model that reveals the advantages of including needs. Her bestselling book, in order toThe Empathy Factor – Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, andBusiness Success, was published by PuddleDancer Press in 2011.

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Don’t judge: make factual observations
Evaluations and judgements can often be counterproductive in the workplace. They may hurt your coworkers and do not necessarily help them to understand how they need to change. Marie Miyashiro explains why factual observations about your coworkers are much more helpful and how these observations, as well as a sense of curiosity, can contribute to the employees’ productivity.

Connecting your emotions to your unmet needs
We usually try to ignore unpleasant emotions and feelings. But there is a virtue to listening to them as, by revealing some life-changing facts about us, they can be an amazing gift.

Practicing empathy
Empathy is something you can practise anywhere and with anyone. By doing so regularly you will become better at it, and you may well undergo a life-changing experience. Through the story of a war veteran she met on a plane, Marie Miyashiro reveals just how powerful the practice of empathy can be.

Empathy is a 2-way street
Contrary to what a lot of people may think, empathy is not just about listening to others. It’s also about listening to yourself and sharing with others what is important to you.

Developing accountability in your team
Marie Miyashiro reveals how you can develop accountability within a team by sharing the right information and helping members to connect to the team’s needs.

Listen before you answer
In this videocast aimed at customer service providers, Marie Miyashiro reveals why it’s important to listen to customers and acknowledge their feelings and needs before trying to find a solution to their problems. Find out how best to do this and what phrases to use to address the customer’s feelings and needs.

Empathy is about taking risks and being honest
Empathy is not always about being nice and polite. It sometimes requires you to to share what matters to you and what will enable you to connect with the people around you. Marie Miyashiro reveals how to calculate these risks and what their potential benefits might be.

Empathy as an engagement tool
Empathy is not a just a soft skill. It’s also a tool that you can use to engage and retain your employees. The more you see them as human beings rather than just members of staff, the more you will be able to find ways to increase their commitment.

Resolving conflicts through shared reality
What we identify as interpersonal conflicts in the workplace are often a symptom of more systemic issues. Marie Miyashiro explains how to resolve these issues by creating a shared reality; that is by connecting to the individual’s needs as well as to those of the team and the organisation.

Accept your vulnerability when practising empathy
Empathy is a difficult skill. Don’t try to be perfect. The most important thing is doing your best and making progress.

Use empathy to make your performance review a success
A performance review is an event that is dreaded by many employees and managers alike. Marie Miyashiro explains how to approach it with the right mindset to get the most out of the experience.

Using empathy when you give feedback
Feedback is vital to the successful performance of an individual or organization. Nevertheless, ensuring that feedback is constructive and useful can be a difficult art. Marie Miyashiro gives some key tips on how to ensure that the feedback you give is always effective.

Connection is the key to customer loyalty
Through the story of a wedding gift, Marie Miyashiro explains how connecting to your customers’ feelings and needs can make a huge difference and in turn, can help to create customer loyalty.