October 2013

New Program on remote working with Andrew Kinder, Visiting Lecturer at London King’s College.

Andrew Kinder joins the CrossKnowledge Faculty and presents a brand-new series of videos on remote working.

Working from home, mobile working, desk-sharing and working as part of a global team: these are all forms of remote working that are becoming increasingly widespread in today’s business world. These new ways of working may have many benefits, but they can also create new problems within the company.

It is possible, however, to meet this challenge head-on by using the correct techniques and adopting the appropriate mindset and perspective.

Andrew Kinder, Visiting Lecturer at King’s College London, is an expert in remote working and employee wellbeing. In a series of 17 exclusive videos, he presents invaluable lessons on how to make a success of remote working. The aim of these videos is to guide and inspire everyone – whether manager or employee – who finds themselves in the same situation.


Watch Andrew Kinder’s video presentation

Through this training programme, you will discover:

  • The importance of prompt feedback
  • How to stay in control as a remote worker
  • The importance of visual bonds
  • How to build trust remotely
  • Detox your environment
  • Switching your mindset from input to output
  • How to support your team when implementing desk-sharing
  • Managing knowledge and information
  • The home worker’s ritual of transition
  • Home workers: increase your visibility!
  • Security rules for mobile workers
  • Desk-sharing: an opportunity to expand your network
  • How to implement remote working successfully
  • Dealing with the open-plan chatterbox
  • How to contribute to your team’s wellbeing
  • How to encourage cooperation
  • Smartworkers embrace new communication tools