January 2013

CrossKnowledge technologies honored at the 2012 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

CrossKnowledge has just been recognized as one of the best performing and most innovative e-learning companies on the international stage by Brandon Hall, a preeminent American research and analyst organization specialized in corporate organizational performance. On the occasion of the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards, CrossKnowledge won two awards for its Mohive and Community on Demand solutions.

Mohive, a collaborative platform for developing company-specific content, won a Silver medal in the category of Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology.


Brandon Hall Excellence Awards: Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology -Mohive

Mohive was recognized for its innovative approach that reduces technical constraints so that the many different people involved in content design can concentrate on just that. Mohive cuts production lead times considerably, thus enabling businesses to truly industrialize the development of their e-learning content.




The Community on Demand solution won a Bronze medal in the category of Best Advance in Social Learning Technology.


Best Advance in Social Learning Technology | Brandon Hall excellence awards | Community on Demand

It was recognized for its innovative capacity to bring together the worlds of social media and training. This application, whose purpose is educational, places learners at the centre of the process. It embeds the best of 2.0 technologies into the learning context and makes sharing and exchanging information easy.



“These two awards acknowledge the quality of our technologies and their fit with clients’ needs. At a time when companies are seeking to optimize their performance, in particular through collaborative platforms, CrossKnowledge technologies allow them to improve their day-to-day efficiency.” said Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge.