January 2014

New training program from “The Team” collection: Develop creativity using intuition

Developing creativity means first asking the right questions to explore the pertinent reality and find the right responses.

Next, it means adopting a thought process accepting the initial incertitude, creating the appropriate framework, knowing how to “lose time” in order to gain it, and opening up to other possibilities and approaches.

It also means thinking out of the box by understanding the problem in a holistic manner, accepting the visible paradoxes, seeing what makes the difference and mobilizing the dynamisms around you.

To be creative within a group, connections need to be formed between individuals, and a stimulating work environment and rituals need to be set up. You’ll discover all this and more in this program designed to free your creative energy. This program has been co-developed with our Faculty member, Francis Cholle.

Sessions titles:

  • Ask the right creative questions
  • Make creative ideas emerge
  • Take a creative approach
  • Boost group creativity