May 2013

CrossKnowledge reinvents e-learning with a new training series: “The Team”

CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading distance learning providers, is launching a brand new training series called The Team. The unique and exclusive format of these training sessions is based on the format of a TV series. The resulting learning experience is highly interactive, immersive, and practical. You can get a hint in the trailer.

Learn in a new way with The Team

The Team e-learning interactive learningThe Team is based on the principle of knowledge appropriation via situational models. It uses the universally familiar format of a TV series featuring recurrent characters embodying today’s new leadership approaches. These characters, with whom learners can easily identify, are seen in credible, realistic situations drawn from today’s business world.

The resources used, from design to production, make this collection the only one of its kind on the off-the-shelf learning market. The plot lines were written by professional screenwriters, under the supervision of training specialists. Training is mediated by videos, simulations, and thought-provoking activities, making the learner experience particularly stimulating. The learner is no longer just a viewer, but the main actor in a TV series.


The Team e-learning as a TV series

Reaping the benefits of a 100% mobile, social and customisable environment

The Team training themes in line with current business issues

“The Team” sessions have been natively developed to be accessible in m-learning mode, and offer features specially designed for tablets. Their deliberately short format means they fit easily into people’s busy work schedules.

This new collection provides corporate clients with a turnkey solution in the form of a blended learning package with advanced social learning features. Learners can score, comment on, share and bookmark content, or activate discussions and contributions within their training paths. To adapt to the specific context of each organisation, the environment is fully customisable with colours and logos, editorials, clients’ own content, etc.

Subjects that respond perfectly to today’s business challenges

Organisations are becoming ever more complex and this has a significant impact on the way people work: staff members are expected to adopt new, more agile approaches in order to manage complexity, adapt to situations arising from increased diversity, and develop cross-disciplinary skills.
This is why CrossKnowledge has developed five new programs on major topical themes:

  • Distance management
  • Developing leadership in complex environments
  • Enhancing your team’s sense of well-being
  • Dealing with intergenerational challenges
  • Assertiveness in the workplace

These programs will be available in French, English, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.

This is a real innovation in the industry and the result of two years of research and development. Thanks to these new training approaches, beyond just methods, techniques and processes, The Team makes learners aware of behavioral aspects that, until now, have only been explored in face-to-face learning“, says CrossKnowledge CIO Steve Fiehl.