March 2016

Creative Thinking with Francis Cholle: a Thought-Provoking Program

Francis Cholle helps companies rethink business in ways that conventional strategic management cannot.

In this groundbreaking digital training program, he reveals how we can harness intuition for strategic decision-making and problem-solving.

Creative thinking for reinventing your business!

Francis Cholle is an international business consultant, bestselling author (The Intuitive Compass) and highly acclaimed speaker. Using the power of intuition and instinct, his approach unleashes innovative capacity in people and organizations to achieve accelerated growth and outperform competitors.

Dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty is a real challenge in current organizational cultures. If organizations lack these skills, they will miss the opportunities that their competitors will seize to stay in the driver’s seat. To stay afloat in this age of disruption and stay innovative, we have no choice but to tap into alternative forms of intelligence that we have long neglected, but which are part of who we are. Human beings have 3 forms of intelligence, but most of us use only two. The intellect (the brain), emotions (the heart), and intuition (the gut). Why are we taught to use only the first one?

In this new collection, Francis Cholle gives us an innovative managerial approach that completely rewires how we think and serves up a fascinating new way to unlock our capacity for creativity and change.

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The training program in detail:

Each resource is avaliable in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

Unused space fosters creativity and collaboration

Have you thought about all the possibilities that an unused corner or an informal space in your office could offer? Francis Cholle casts light upon how an optimised workspace can boost creativity among your teams.

Find the third solution!

Solving problems is not always a matter of rational thinking. Francis Cholle reveals why reframing your thought-process is a critical tool in promoting innovation in the workplace and helps us understand how effective it is for problem solving.

Does expertise kill creativity?

Too serious a mind-set can hinder creativity. Francis Cholle demonstrates that if you’re looking for disruption and innovation you might not turn to your senior experts but rather rely on your smart creatives.

The power of rituals and symbols in the creative journey

Celebrating wins and awards is one effective way to reassure creative teams, whose members often question their own talent. Francis Cholle stresses the importance of rituals and symbols in the process of managing creativity and innovation in your company.

Processes and structures are just as important as people and culture!

How do you make change happen in your organisation? Francis Cholle recalls that focusing on people and culture is always a must but should never be separated from process and structure.

Traditional meetings destroy the collaborative culture we seek!

The age of conventional traditional meetings is over! Francis Cholle gives us keys to make our meetings more collaborative and open to enhance creativity.

To embrace change, people need both adventure and safety!

Today many organizations want to change. Nonetheless, in the field of change there are deadlocks that reason alone can fail to explain. Francis Cholle sheds light upon the unconscious mechanisms escaping our immediate understanding and how they operate in the decision-making process.

Don’t rely on vision to reinvent your company!

When reinventing a company, beginning with the vision is not necessarily a good starting point. Through the example of a leading company in the sports industry, Francis Cholle makes plain why waiting for the right vision can even represent an obstacle to change.

If you want values, start with games!

Often we believe that the main factor for bonding teams is sharing strong explicit values. Francis Cholle challenges this idea and calls for a return to play in order to create productive, efficient, innovative powerhouse teams.

Sustainability as an intrinsic motivator

Francis Cholle explicates why a thriving company is not the only trigger to human motivation and well-being. More subtle mechanisms are at stake, among them, the importance of a common sense of purpose.