September 2013

Working across generations training program with Claire Raines and Tammy Hughes

With baby boomers and generations X and Y all working in the same environment, companies are faced with the challenge of overcoming markedly different behavioral patterns in different populations.

These differences are not always easy to reconcile. This program will give you the tools you need to meet this challenge.

 The differences are stark:

  • On the one hand, there is the post-war generation, with its decades of workplace experience.
  • On the other, there stands a generation of young people, new to the job market, yet who are masters of the latest technologies and social networking.

Yet all of these people work in the same place…

They need to understand each other and work together, each contributing their own strengths and assets to the company’s success. In order to overcome tension between generations and develop a dynamic, multi-generational team, you need to identify the needs and values of each and adopt and approach that reflects the variety of the people you work with.

4 new Sessions from the outstanding training collection “The Team” are dedicated to these issues in addition to “Essentials” and “Actions Tips” resources to reinforce learning and support learners.

This program has been designed in close collaboration with Claire Raines and Tammy Hughes, two prominent experts on intergenerational issues within organizations. Claire Raines has been pioneering research on this topic in the United States for more than 25 years.


This program is available in English, French, Dutch and soon in Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.