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Improve Memorization with Blended Learning
Arnold and his Learning Experience – Episode 1

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Arnold is a sales manager. Six months ago, he took a two-day training course… but he barely remembers anything about it! The trainer was dynamic and Arnold was very attentive during these two days of training. And yet… Arnold has a problem: he wonders why he never memorizes what the trainer says. But we’ve a solution for him: Blended Learning.

Discover the power of blended learning with Arnold

The problem does not come from Arnold, but from his brain. It’s impossible to remember two days of lectures in one fell swoop! To memorize, it is necessary to diversify the contents and anchor the know-how by practical exercises. This is the basic principle of blended learning! Discover with our e-Book why Arnold has forgotten 95% of what he saw in training–and how it is possible to walk him throughout his learning phase.