Improve the ROI of Distance Learning

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Technology can make professional learning cheap, easy, and convenient. As distance learning programs grow ever more popular, companies have discovered that technology-driven learning can be a critical tool to communicate new information and regulations with far-flung workers, and to help businesses that are experiencing significant growth get employees quickly on the same page.

As distance learning programs grow ever more popular, many executives assume that e-learning will result in tangible business gains, such as productivity improvements, more consistent practices, cost reductions, and time savings. However, many companies either do not observe the results they expected, or lack a framework to truly measure the effects of the learning they invest in.

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The return on investment for distance learning efforts needn’t be a mystery. Properly measuring return on investment (ROI) provides an answer to the question: For every dollar invested in distance learning, how many dollars are returned after the investment is recovered?

This practical guide, written by CrossKnowledge in collaboration with Jack Philips from the ROI Institute, will help you to have a more holistic measurement of the effectiveness of your e-learning programs, by adopting a number of key solutions to improve ROI!