E-learning Skeptics Handbook

E-learning skeptics handbook

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This handbook is intended to be light-hearted, and includes a number of humorous illustrations. It’s also designed to help people promote e-learning, as well as trainers and other decision-makers who are convinced of the enormous potential of e-learning for their organizations, to tackle the obstacles that still stand in their way.

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People say all sorts of negative things about e-learning: they say it’s inefficient, too complex, and so on. E-learning has so many advantages that people are gradually coming to realize, that we simply can’t do without it. These advantages are far from theoretical, at a time when companies are eager to enhance the efficiency and long-term cost-effectiveness of the training they provide. We see so many projects, so many success stories, and so many companies taking on board new training initiatives that are both more effective and less costly than ever before.