The first e-learning barometer in Europe

The First e-Learning Barometer in Europe

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The European e-learning survey carried out by CrossKnowledge, Fēfaur and Ipsos provides, for the first time, a detailed picture of comparative e-learning practices in the major European markets.

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Contained within is a wealth of useful information, including the following three key points emerging from an analysis of the study. First of all, there is indeed such a thing as “European practice” in e-learning. The markets studied would appear to introduce and implement e-learning in much the same way, despite the differing levels of maturity and the inevitable cultural differences. Second point is the expansion of e-learning, although far from complete, bodes well for the future. Whether we look at it in terms of topics or target populations, this type of learning is booming. The study shows that the more e-learning is used, the more companies anticipate increasing its use in the coming years. Regarding the last point, blended learning is establishing itself as the benchmark. Nonetheless, more and more companies also favour making self-service e-learning available to a large number of employees as well as giving them access to online collaborative spaces. E-learning is thus becoming a key element in supporting individual and collective performance.