Effective Learning with 70:20:10. The new frontier for the extended enterprise

Effective Learning with 70:20:10 for the Extended Enterprise

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The 70-20-10 model accredited to Lombardo & Eichinger (1996) suggests that lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly 70% from tough jobs, 20% from people (mostly the boss), and 10% from courses and reading. Together, Jérôme Wargnier and Charles Jennings explore the role of new technology in the implementation of the 70-20-10 training model, drawing on their combined 60 years of experience in the training field.

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Although the theory is widely accepted to be accurate and is largely uncontested, learning and development professionals commonly struggle to find the right tools and strategies to apply the model within their organisation. This paper is the result of extensive consultation with L&D teams worldwide by Jérôme Wargnier and Charles Jennings and brings to light all the different questions that training professionals have asked them in recent years.

This document investigates the new territories of learning such as Social, Workplace, Informal or Experiential Learning.