Learning for Business: Retail

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At this start of a new century, retail is undergoing a global revolution. Digital technology has put power back in the hands of the consumer. Pure players on the Internet are growing at a lightning speed. At the same time, consumers around the world are using the web to stay informed, share with their peers, post on social networks, and compare products, prices, services and offers before they buy. They are always on the lookout for good deals, searching for the best quality/price/service for their money, as well as searching for advice.

This increases competition between businesses in the market, forcing them to continually work to win over or retain the loyalty of a customer that is always on the move and whose preferences can change quickly. Because things are so uncertain, brands and stores are investing significantly in training and developing more and more in-house training programmes. They understand the importance of focusing on their employees and managers. How do they do this? By training employees to continually improve their mastery of the products and services being sold, to adopt customer-oriented sales and management techniques, to master the tools of digital culture, to support the brand’s values and codes etc.

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