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The Manager’s Role in Training for a smarter Teamwork

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Today, many of the job tasks completed by employees depend on how they collaborate with each other. Most jobs rely on the inputs of others and produce outputs that may be used by several other people. In other words, the majority of work is a collaborative effort. For this reason, training that targets and impacts primarily individual employees can fall short of recognizing the importance of teams.

More and more, L&D functions are providing training designed to increase team collaboration and, in turn, performance. But what is the value of this type of training, according to team members? And how much are their managers playing a role in supporting team-related training and team performance?

In this exclusive report by CrossKnowledge and Training Industry, you’ll discover how organizations train teams and what managers are doing to support team-related training, based on the answers of 1001 learners and managers collected through a confidential survey in late 2017.