Capturing and Sharing Company Know-How

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In a fast-paced and complex business environment, the ability to capture and share knowledge within our organisation today is more essential than ever before. CrossKnowledge is happy to help you understand these issues and provide you with insightful and practical research along with key takeaways to make sure your organisation retains the knowledge and skills that are critical for your success.

In this Towards Maturity In-Focus report you will find:

  • Why is knowledge transfer so important?
  • What are staff doing for themselves when it come around sharing what they know?
  • What types of organisations are effective at sharing good practice? What tools and techniques are they using? What tactics are they using?
  • The staff perspective
  • Factors slowing down knowledge transfer
  • Tools to support knowledge transfer
  • Tactics to support knowledge transfer
  • Building the facilitation skills of the L&D team