Did you know that onboarding improves employee productivity and engagement?


All companies, no matter their size or industry, are faced with an incredible opportunity when a new employee joins the organization. However, if onboarding is not handled correctly, this opportunity can quickly turn into a huge risk and lead to increased costs, negative impact on employee branding and decreased engagement and productivity from employees.

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“88% of workers think the onboarding processes inside their organizations are terrible.”

– Gallup’s 2016 State of the American Workplace


“Companies are 9% less likely to retain their first year employee when they have shorter onboarding programs.”

– Aberdeen Group’s 2014 Research Report


“Only 32% of companies currently have a formal onboarding process in place.”

– Aberdeen Group’s 2014 Research Report

L&D departments have a responsibility to take stock of this crucial stage in the employee lifecycle
and make sure that digital learning is at the forefront of all onboarding programs.

CrossKnowledge’s expertise has developed innovative learning approaches that meet the challenge of best-in-class onboarding practices. Through mobile learning, gamification and blended techniques, let’s build an onboarding program that will welcome, train, engage and retain your new hires seamlessly.


Our learning expertise includes

Sharing our best practices to create the best onboarding program

Creating a digital portal
for new hires, where they’ll be able to  discover, learn & interact with peers

Measuring and evaluating precisely how the integration of the new hire is going

Verifying that onboarding leads to training
that follows the new hires as they grow within the organization

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Onboarding Prepared H&M Employees for Future Challenges

“We are seeing an 80% success rate on the target groups. Participants have given the learning experience excellent reviews, and above all are pleased with the recognition received when obtaining a diploma.”

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Olivier Gondry,
Head of HR Retail Stores France

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