CrossKnowledge’s Anja Emonds joins “The Business of Learning” podcast to discuss skills for the digital workplace

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Anja Emonds Podcast

We recently partnered with Training Industry for an exclusive podcast featuring CrossKnowledge researcher and thought leader, Anja Emonds.

Anja was eager to join Taryn DeLong and Sarah Gallo on The Business of Learning, to discuss two very important topics that will be evergreen for 2021 and beyond: the digital skills gap and the emergence of digital leadership.

The main topics that Anja covered in this podcast are:

Why should you be thinking about digital skills?

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid acceleration. Digital skills are critical for the future, but it is difficult to keep pace with ever-changing market demands.  This can cause digital skills gaps that negatively impact companies worldwide.

What is a digital skills gap?

Sometimes referred to as digital literacy, digital readiness, or even digital poverty, a digital skills gap is the gap between current technical abilities and the constant need for new or updated skills in response to quickly-changing job market demands. It is an increasingly common challenge that can negatively impact employee and team productivity, and often puts organizations at a disadvantage to competitors with a more tech-savvy staff.

Digital leadership will have a critical role to play

The key to facilitating and supporting business goals is through digital leadership, one of the biggest emerging trends for 2021 and beyond. Being a digital leader isn’t quite the same as traditional leadership roles. The skills that make a good leader in the traditional workplace aren’t necessarily what will be required in a pure digital environment.

Even hybrid work or fully remote environments work best when you combine technological expertise with more human qualities (soft skills) such as active listening, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, agility, empathy, and being comfortable as a leader outside the limelight.