Learn Like Never Before with
Our Immersive Training Series "The Team"

Our series of modules “The Team” is an immersive learning experience that has been created using a widely-recognized media format – the television show. Employing predominantly video, simulation and interaction, this series offers a truly innovative learning experience through CrossKnowledge’s unique inductive learning methods.

Beyond traditional training methods and techniques, “The Team” plunges participants into the complex world of business and encourages profound reflection on best practices and stances. The goal is to develop a new aspect of essential soft skills in order to rise to the challenges faced each day.

Learning new soft skills to develop at work

An immersive and effortless learning experience

By alternating video, simulation activities and questionnaires, the participant not only watches the TV show but becomes its main character.

Extrapolation for concrete benefits

The deliberation prompted throughout the modules and the self-analysis questions at the end invite participants to continually reflect on their own experiences.

The cognitive powers of storytelling and emotions

The intrigue in the modules and the emotions they set off favor understanding and recollection of the key messages and concepts. Participants will easily integrate attitudes needed to be successful in their missions.

E-learning reinvented !

After more than two years of research by human resource professionals, distance education experts and the learners themselves, this series represents a turning point for e-learning. It insists on the undeniable advantages of studying soft skills. The means used during the production development are unique in the off -the-shelf market: storylines written by professional screenwriters under the supervision of pedagogical specialists, exceptional audiovisual production quality, and an ergonomic touchscreen interface specifically for tablets.

Benefits :

  • Increased motivation to learn thanks to an innovative and attractive format
  • Short format more judicious to participants’ constraints and less time consuming
  • Direct and sustainable impact on participants’ behaviors and therefore on company performance

These programs will be available in French, English, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.

 Key points :

  • A series directed towards everyone,team members and managers alike
  • Never before seen themes requested by HR divisions: developing e-leadership, reinforcing leadership in complex situations, facing intergenerational challenges, monitoring colleagues’ well-being, etc.
  • Short format of 15 to 20 minutes at most
  • Credible and realistic situations everyone can identify with
  • Interactive and humorous videos
  • 100% mobile series: can be watched on a PC, iPad or Mobile