Job Skills

Whether it is about IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Value Creation, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Finance, or Strategy, the fundamental knowledge that makes organizations tick is undergoing profound changes with the digital age. It’s increasingly harder to keep up with and adapt to the pace of all the quick change occurring, and sometimes employees don’t learn critical job skills. The CrossKnowledge Library is dedicated to keeping your organization in the know through our unique and ongoing collaboration with disruptive thought leaders and renowned specialists.

Dive deep into the know-how of the world’s top minds

While management literature and research can provide valuable insights for organizations, it is often challenging to identify key learning points that can be used to develop their staff’s job skills. We are dedicated to helping organizations address and solve their most important issues by bringing them critical insights and knowledge that can be utilized immediately. Thanks to our extensive partnership with award-winning professors and thought leaders in every strategic field, CrossKnowledge has a proven capability to share their knowledge to generate action and measurable change.

The most innovative ideas at your fingertips

To remain competitive and efficient, organizations have to stay up to date on the latest ideas and trends from the modern workplace.

CrossKnowledge not only makes this essential knowledge available to a global audience in a very clear and effective way, but it also provides organizations with effective and efficient methods to put them into practice.


Example topics covered by this category include:

Finance – Marketing – Strategy – Entrepreneurship – Human Resources – Sales & Marketing – Customer Orientation – Value Creation… and many more titles!