Engage and motiviate millennials

Rising to the challenge of keeping your young talent motivated and engaged

The highly demanding new generation, the Millennials, has different expectations than those of previous generations, especially when it comes to learning and development. High-impact, dynamic, social and innovative learning solutions must be part of any development program to keep young talent where it belongs: in your organization.

A connected generation

Millennials are digital savvy, constantly connected, at ease in a globalized world and used to navigating in a world of unlimited information. This generation cannot imagine living without smartphones and sees the world as a global village with endless possibilities and the answer to any question is just a click away.

Millennials also look at the workplace differently: they do not have a job, but a career. They move fast, are ambitious and are thirsty for growth and development. When a position no longer satisfies their needs and desires, they leave immediately. To meet the high expectations of Millennials your learning and development programs must adapt accordingly. Do you have what it takes to keep the millennials engaged and motivated?

Learning the Millennials way

To motivate Millennials and keep them engaged, you need to offer a high-impact learning experience. A learning solution that provides engaging, fun content that fits with their working habits. Reaching this new audience means that knowledge has to be available any device, at any time: development in the 21st century primarily  happens on a subway platform or in an airport terminal.

Development content to motivate Millennials also includes others: any development program must integrate social elements since engagement comes from sharing. The learning elements within the program must be short, targeted and precise, and be created with contemporary, high-impact thought leaders.

Engaging new generations in corporate learning

Nowadays, the border between learning and working has become blurred, and development is interwoven in daily working life. As a consequence, learning solutions should be fluid, easy, but most importantly, fun. High impact, bite-sized learning bursts resonate with the Millennial mindset. Small nuggets, visually attractive, with gamified approach including social activities is key.

CrossKnowledge provides contemporary learning content & activities coupled with powerful innovative learning formats. In this way, you are optimally prepared to motivate Millennials in the workforce and keep valuable expertise and energy inside your company.