Developing operational performance

Organizations are confronted with constant change and a continuous push for operational excellence. Whether it is agility or the lean mindset, just to name a few, these principles guide organizations in their way to optimizing their performance. To stay in the driver’s seat, it is no secret that a workforce that continuously learns how to improve processes and their workflow is an essential key to success. CrossKnowledge delivers high-impact digital learning solutions to prepare your workforce to master 21st-century operational excellence, which are continuously refreshed with the newest insights of thought leaders and fit the needs and constraints of your organization.

longuevueThe unknown future and operational excellence

21st-century organizations are confronted with an unknown future. The digital transformation has also further complexified the business: cloud-based tools and advanced high-speed mobile devices have completely changed the way industries function on a daily basis. Also, social media impacts the way organizations position themselves and defend their market value, and big data has disrupted ways of measuring performance. A prepared and engaged human capital is invaluable for organizations confronted with constant change. Rapid changes and a continuous flow of new developments and management models have made it challenging to stay up to date.

reseauThe key to success: A powerful learning workforce

Staff can no longer consider development and work as separate modes, and they must understand that one cannot exist without the other. Staff members should be able to learn in their own way, and the organization must empower them by giving them the tools to develop themselves.

To make sure your organization is prepared, a strong learning solution is needed, which needs to be implemented quickly, efficiently and effectively. What’s more, an engaging learning experience is vital.


Example topics covered by this category include:

Supply Chain – Sales Effectiveness – Lean – Collective performance – Personal Effectiveness – Project Management – Transverse Management… and many more titles!