Leverage your online communities

Learning Channels

Leverage your online communities and get your people skilled the efficient way

Tap into the power of Learning Channels by offering training managers the possibility to create participative networks around specific topics integrating formal and informal engagement. Learning Channels modality provides access to a comprehensive learning portal, fully customizable for your key stakes and topics.

Give a dynamic flow to your learning programs

Broadcast training material or courses linked to stakes. Learners can add their own material.

Spread news dynamically and open a forum where people ask questions and write about their experience.

Organize your channel by topic including learning content, discussion group, courses and editorial to engage your learners in a participative way.

A complete range of collaborative interactive services

CrossKnowledge Learning Channels

Fully customizable layout 
Choose the most relevant widgets and information to fit your needs. See highlighted content, recent discussions, and “most viewed” content on the channel page.

CrossKnowledge Learning Channels discussion

Content sharing and discussions 
Encourage virality by fostering community members to share content with others.

Blended Learning CrossKnowledge

Add your own contributions
Learners can add their own material and post their own content which can then become full-fledged community content.

CrossKnowledge Learning Channlels search engine

Powerful search engine 
Easy access to the required content browsing through content, courses, discussions.

Community Management made simple

Create, deploy and analyze your learning channels with ease

Learning Channels

Your community at a glance
Find on the channel page highlighted content, the recent discussions, most viewed content.


Add any content
The default view will include material from the CrossKnowledge Library. Third Party and Partner Content can be smoothly integrated whatever the format (videos, modules, others).

CrossKnowledge Learning Channels management

Drive performance of your communities
Analyze community usage and activity (most active contributors) so that you can adjust e-mail notifications and communication initiatives accordingly.