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Over 60 Faculty members share key findings from their research, essential knowledge, critical insights and valuable expertise on key business stakes ranging from leadership to Lean management. Also, our Library, with a global reach available in 17 languages, is localized to ensure perfect relevance for local markets.

To prepare 21st-century organizations to succeed in an ever-changing world, our Library and Faculty reflect today’s trends and address today’s issues, with new titles appearing every month.

Diversified learning formats for more flexibility

Tens of thousands of content assets diversify and add variety to your learning experience.  They are natively HTML5 accessible and 100% mobile to make sure your learners have accessed to their programs when and where they need them. In addition to our mobile delivery, our assets are localized in 17 languages to ensure perfect relevance for local markets.

The diversity of the topics we cover targets all the key competencies needed by your leaders within your organization.


Suited for millennials

Short, engaging and mobile content to address new learning trends. Rising to the challenge of keeping your young professionals motivated and engaged. High-impact, dynamic, social and innovative learning solutions must be part of any development program to keep young talent where it belongs: in your organization.

Bringing critical skillsets to meet the needs of 21st-century organizations

The modern workforce has brought along fresh challenges for organizations, notably with the arrival of younger generations whose work habits and expectations can often be very different from those of previous ones.

Distributing leadership at every level of the organization will develop your staff’s autonomy, engagement and fulfilment. By empowering them, they will become happier, more satisfied, and, as a result, more efficient. Also, distributing leadership also guarantees higher loyalty and reduced recruitment costs.