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  • Mentored Solutions

    CrossKnowledge Mentoring Solutions is a unique combination of technology and training expertise that allows companies to create individualized, tutor-led training packages on any subject.

    Ease of use and smooth interactivity
    at your fingertips

    CrossKnowledge Mentoring Solutions aim to develop mentored learning paths based on your own content and, if you wish, based on CrossKnowledge content or content authored with Mohive. Create your own exercises or make use of external trainers or in-house experts and transform your training programs into powerful Knowledge Management levers

    A 100% distance learning approach focusing
    on real-life practice  

    Allow learners to implement acquired skills with the help of the mentorin a practical, personalized and confidential way via an asynchronous communication platform


    Ready-to-use exercices
    Action Learning at the core of the program


    Pre- and post-training tests
    Customize the learning experience
    and measure knowledge


    Interactive platform
    Asynchronous mentor/learner

    Intuitive technology to facilitate the mentoring process

    Make mentoring easier using workflow

    Work with an easy-to-use mentoring interface
    Easy for all mentors to use, be they in-house or outsourced

    Create mentored programs in just a few clicks
    Makes creating learning paths, learner enrollment and tracking easier

    Tap into a network of experts
    Learners are supported by a network of mentors carefully selected by CrossKnowledge and partners