Sales Support gives your teams the expertise to effectively sell your products and services

Expertise for Achieving Competitive
Sales Excellence

Regardless of your industry or business model, continued growth requires an excellent sales team that’s constantly improving. Top-performing sales people have the skills to quickly adapt to continuously evolving market demands and shifting consumer behaviors. But it takes more than sales methods and techniques. Effective sales support also requires a deep understanding of your company’s culture, products, and services.

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“Nearly 13% (1 in 8) of all the jobs in the U.S. are full-time sales positions.”


“78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.”


“Only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can undertand their needs.”


In today’s highly competitive and tumultuous business environment, many organizations find it difficult to get new sales reps to full productivity faster, to maintain sales effectiveness, and to drive continuous sales improvement. Our expertise has developed innovative learning approaches that meet all of those challenges. We build strong sales teams — people armed with the tools to reach their company’s unique business goals.


Our learning expertise includes

Developing an advisory approach
to selling (moving away from selling “products”)

Creating a digital marketplace
for sales support — a place for any sales team member to find what they need to increase performance

Improving communication strategies and content
to accelerate change — including online, print, and video

Delivering learning to improve skills
in a context of high staff turnover, frequent new employees or a high percentage of non-salaried sales members

Boost sales effectiveness with CrossKnowledge

Digital Learning Keeps Clarins’ Sales Teams Competitive

“Our sales agents are more at ease with our sales narratives and methods. It really works, and we can measure the impact of our training strategy on our sales.” 

Audrey Dijoux, 
 E-learning Project Manager
, Clarins International Training Division

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