The SHIFT Method

Step 1 - Set meaningful goals

It is common when designing a new training initiative to start by defining the expected learning outcomes. But it is often difficult to show how training efforts align and serve overall organizational strategy. Instead of providing training to your employees on a given subject, it is essential to define what we want to achieve together and the KPIs that will measure success. Imagine that you were training your employees to solve a specific organizational problem. Then, imagine that you had meaningful KPIs that show you are effectively solving that problem. With this approach you can see the direct connection between skills acquisition and the measured impact on the business.

At CrossKnowledge, we have a proven method based on research and our experience: SHIFT™. In Step-1 of this 5-step method, we help you set and achieve business KPIs to empower you to become a business partner in order to generate lasting change in your organization. During this crucial step, we will define concrete measures and KPIs that are specific to your organization, and that will help you monitor progress to make sure we’re hitting all the right targets.

Step 2 - Harvest premium content

Content needs to be immediately relevant, visually appealing, and keeping with trends and advances in graphic design. Content should also be accessible anywhere and at any time, and ideally have interactive features to make it fun and enjoyable. Falling short on any of these expectations can often result in plummeting engagement and deteriorating learner motivation, especially if the training initiative isn’t mandatory. Even when you manage to check all those boxes, it can still be overwhelming to sift through tens of thousands of titles in a content library to find which content will best serve your learners.

We understand the importance of providing a targeted selection of content to learners with a contemporary look and feel. That’s why each and every title in our award-winning CrossKnowledge Library is designed and created through close collaboration with our Faculty
consisting of disruptive thought leaders and award-winning professors from the world’s most prestigious universities and businesses. Updated regularly with new titles, our Library is available in 16 languages and localized to respond to local markets. Our curation experts use the SHIFT™ method to provide your organization with the most relevant selection from your own content along with a curated selection from the web, complete with customized exercises and social activities and assessments.

Step 3 - Individualize and contextualize every experience

Often there is a disconnect between an organization’s top priority learning initiatives and how the employees themselves use the training. Ideally, learners need to solve their problems the moment they arise. Learning opportunities should be closely linked to individual jobs and development goals. The more engaging and relevant a learning program is, the more likely learners will want to continue acquiring knowledge without being prompted to do so, and as a result they will actually embed learning in their daily routine.

With the smart use of CrossKnowledge technology combined with SHIFT™ analytics and roll-out strategy, we help you assess your learners’ needs and bring the right resources at the right time, in the right format. We do this by designing and integrating learning solutions that are a perfect fit for your organization and your learners. Whether it’s mobile-first or blended learning, socially-powered learning paths and MOOCs or self-directed channels, or even self-directed experiences with individualized suggestions based on assessments, the final goal is to provide unique learning experience to each end user that also brings value to the performance of the organization.

Step 4 - Foster engagement and continuous learning

In our fast evolving world, there is a critical need for continuous adaptation to changes and disruptions. Yet the level of engagement of learners in traditional learning courses has been steadily decreasing. An overwhelming amount of information source can overload short attention spans, and learner motivation can suffer as a result. By transforming a ‘push’ strategy (‘I want to train people, and to do that I have to attract and motivate them’) to a ‘pull’ strategy (where self- motivated learners learn naturally on their own), you encourage individuals to take ownership of their own development, at their own pace, and make full use of the opportunities made available to them.

At CrossKnowledge, Step-4 of our SHIFT™ method is composed of tools and techniques for proven-effective learner engagement methodologies, based on scientific research and our years of practice. Through this method, we will help you not only empower your teams to create a collective dynamic around learning, but also empower every individual to “pick and choose” the content they need. Our SHIFT™ method also prepares the field for social learning, creative interaction and collaboration, while ensuring that learning remains a playful experience through gamification to leverage competitive spirit and emulation.

Step 5 - Turn learning into performance

The disruptive economic, technological, and cultural changes of today bring about unique challenges, and many top leaders in the organization may struggle to see the link between learning and the bottom line. But when L&D and HR professionals can measure the business impact of training initiatives with convincing analytics, insights, and dashboards, they can demonstrate true business value and explicit correlation between your training programs and your organization’s performance. Showing KPIs that go beyond learning and that provide deep insights would be infinitely valuable to the organization on many levels.

That’s the ultimate goal of the CrossKnowledge SHIFT™ method: to provide customized, intuitive dashboards to monitor the business impact of every learning solution and deliver the KPIs identified in Step-1. Thanks to these customized dashboards and our proven method, you will uncover trends and be in a better position to take needed actions quickly.