Talent 2016 Conference
The place to be for Learning Experts

Thursday, March 17 | Paris, France

At the Talent 2016 Conference, you’ll be among the first to learn the extraordinary insights we’ve discovered in digital learning. It’s a remarkable opportunity to look deeper into the learning industry and uncover new ways to transform your business and learning strategy.

3 takeaways from Talent 2016

1. 2016 is the year of innovation for the Learning & Development industry.

With new and innovative tools, inspiring L&D leaders have the ability to roll out fantastic training programs for both internal staff and external contractors. And they are able to demonstrate positive results such as increased usage, improved sales, etc.

2. The 21st Century workplace is all about the learner.

This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world we live in is no longer a barrier to meaningful training. Instead, it allows learning programs to be delivered with full effectiveness to anyone, anywhere, at any time, on any device. CrossKnowledge clients are doing this and their audiences are responding positively.

3. How do you keep learners coming back?

For years, engagement was only an operative word. Was the training engaging enough for the learner to complete the course or program? That’s no longer good enough! Now the question is, (or should be) what is the learner experience and will they want to come back for more? In the case of the client presentations at Talent 2016, the answer was a resounding yes!

Interestingly enough, as expectations from learners continue to grow so do L&D challenges. How are you continuing to innovate and build effective programs that keep your audience coming back for more?


From dissecting the anatomy of your learning program to gathering annual learning insights, our top-shelf speakers will provide a unique viewpoint into how you can transform your business.


Learning Initiative Awards

We are proud to award companies for outstanding digital learning programs. You can be our next winner! Apply for the 2016 Learning Initiative Awards. Registrations will be open soon!