Talent 2016 Conference
Meet the speakers

Master of Ceremonies & Moderator
Donald H. Taylor

Donald H Taylor is a 25 year veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from design and delivery to chairman of the board. He has been chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute since 2010.

Morning plenary session
9:45 am - Jacob Morgan

“Why the Future of Work is All About the Employee Experience.”

We all spend a lot of time and money trying to create great and meaningful experiences for ourselves. We have certainly all heard about the customer experience, but what about the employee experience? In this keynote address Jacob will explore three environments that create employee experiences: digital (or technology), cultural, and physical. Attendees will learn what makes up these three environments, what some of the world’s most forward thinking companies are doing, and how they can start making changes to their organization’s to focus on the employee experience as a way to attract and retain top talent.

Jacob is an Author, speaker and futurist. His latest book, The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization, explores how the workplace is changing.

10:55 am - Jason Hathaway
Head of Content and Learning Solutions, CrossKnowledge

“What we need to be learning for the digital age and how we should be doing it.”

The digital era has had profound impacts on every aspect of organizations, including how those organizations grow and develop their talent. For a host of reasons, today’s multigenerational workplace faces the challenge of a complex and deepening skillsgap, which requires rethinking traditional paradigms. What methods should organizations be using to optimize talent development in 2016 and beyond? Drawing from his own experience as an educator, Jason will shed new light on these questions and provide a disruptive way forward to foster transformation.

Born in the US, Jason Hathaway is an alumnus of the University of Virginia and has been living in France for the past 15 years. Before joining CrossKnowledge, Jason taught and worked as a Program Manager at France’s n°2 Business School (ESSEC).

Breakout sessions

Client workshops

Rabobank – Annemieke Bok, Ciska Raadgever & Jeroen Olde Weghuis

Rabobank awareness program inspires employees to take banker’s oath
In the Netherlands all employees within financial institutions need to take the Bankers Oath. Rabobank has implemented a specific programme for the rollout with a focus on 3 pillars: Create awareness and initiate discussion on the desired culture, Present relevant knowledge and stimulate self-reflection for further preparation, A face-to-face session with official signing moment. Aim of this session is provide you with inspiration on how we designed a dedicated approach for the implementation of the Bankers Oath which has been rolled out and accessed by more than 20.000 employees. We will share with you our best practices and lessons learned.
Annemieke Bok, Head of the Rabobank Learning Center, is leading the Learning function within Rabobank. Her aim is to build the strategic capabilities of the bank, by strengthening (personal) leadership and professional craftsmanship of its employees. Currently she is redesigning the Learning Center to an agile, strategy focused and performance-oriented department.
Ciska Raadgever,Learning and Development Consultant, is projectmanager Bankers Oath from a development perspective. She is an expert in organizational change and focuses on lifetime employability.
Jeroen Olde Weghuis, Learning and Development Consultant, focuses on the development of learning activities that contribute to a better performance of employees. He has a specific interest in measuring the business effects of learning and development. For the last 3 years Jeroen has been working with the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite to support in the development and implementation of educational programs.

ICN – Ticiana Leon, Program Manager

How digital learning meets the needs of Knowledge Management in a “defence secrecy” classified environment
In the Brazilian Submarine Program, the Transfer of Technology between Brazil and France is vital for acquiring the technical competencies, which will allow both the construction of the military equipment and Brazilian independence and autonomy. The Knowledge Management Program is transforming the individual knowledge of our highly qualified staff, mostly trained in France, in an interactive database, containing not only their knowledge of the submarine building processes, but also the paths one should follow to acquire each one of them. While linking the company’s project documents and media with the newly created content, we’re creating a Learning & Development factory that assures the achievement of technological independence for the company and the client, the Brazilian Navy.
Developed various Projects during the past 14 years working at a major Brazilian player in engineering and construction, specialized in Project Finance and Change Management. Ticiana’ s current challenge is to lead Knowledge and Innovation PMO @ Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN), DCNS and Odebrecht’ s joint venture in the Brazilian Submarine Program (PROSUB). Originally a Law graduate, obtained a MBA degree at FGV (Brazil) and complemented her superior business education at HEC Paris.

Zurich Insurance – Petra Blume, Learning Innovation Consultant

Be at your best – Zurich People Manager Learning Journey
Petra Blume is currently working as Learning Innovation Manager for Group Learning & Development where she is supporting the global learning and training initiatives which are helping all Zurich people managers to be at their best. As part of Zurich Oxygen, which is a comprehensive program that delivers feedback, learning opportunities and recognition, she is particularly managing the Zurich Oxygen Academy: a one-stop-shop for all 10.000 Zurich people managers worldwide where they can learn whatever, wherever and however in alignment with the 8 things that great people managers do.

Schneider Electric – Jörg Berresheim, Vice-President Learning Solutions EMEAS

How Schneider Electric involves its entire workforce into the company’s digital transformation
Schneider Electric has grown through acquisitions during the last ten years to a 180k employee multinational company. Coming from a technical and industrial background the portfolio moves into the solution business in the energy management and automation industry entering the Internet-of-things. This presentation explains key enablers and initiatives to transform the company into a true learning organization. To reach the entire workforce for digital learning, high quality digital content and the right selection of target groups and initiatives are required.
As Vice President Learning Solutions in the Global HR organization of Schneider-Electric, Jörg and his team has the responsibility to analyse the business strategy on regional and business unit level to translate it into learning initiatives. These initiatives require a design and development of content, delivery methods, tools and processes that drive people performance, innovation and learning culture.

Closing session
4:45 pm - Marie Miyashiro

The Empathy Factor: How Human Connection is Changing the Way We Work

Employee and customer expectations are rapidly shifting toward more personalization. A new generation of workers and social media is driving a desire for increased human connection in business interactions. And, our own stress levels are rising in response to more demands of this fast-paced world. Marie Miyashiro brings real-world examples and tested methods on how to make empathy practical and impactful in work settings. Learn what empathy is and is not, and how empathy is the key to human connections at work. Practice creating empathic connections in seconds with a simple but uncommon process. Take home tools you can use everyday. Feel the power and beauty of empathy in yourself to elevate your work experience and live a fuller life.

Marie speaks, writes and consults on collaboration, communication and change in teams and multi-stakeholder groups. Guiding organizations and leaders for decades, Marie, the IC Globally Team and the field-tested approach she developed, transforms workplaces bottom up to top down. They make the leap from mistrust, missed opportunities and “power plays” to higher ground…a place bringing out the best in people and their best thinking together…. where new directions and insights map out into results – smoother productivity, smarter success, increased innovation and a higher calling at work. She designs and facilitates uncommonly transformative and enjoyable conversations that matter.

Thursday, March 17 | Paris, France

At the Talent 2016 Conference, you’ll be among the first to learn the extraordinary insights we’ve discovered in digital learning. It’s a remarkable opportunity to look deeper into the learning industry and uncover new ways to transform your business and learning strategy.