On-demand webinar

A Climate for Learning – Six dimensions to target when changing your corporate learning climate

In this fast changing business world, organizations are faced with the need to change themselves more rapidly than ever.
Every change is based on a business transformation that should be supported by learning.
But how can you make a learning organization out of your business? Discover the six dimensions that will help your company build a Climate for Learning and learn about the three waves that make up business transformation.

Key take-aways of this webinar:

  • participants will discover the three waves that make up Business Transformation
  • and the six dimensions to build a Climate for Learning

This webinar is a collaboration between CrossKnowledge, Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and the University of Leuven (Belgium).


Featured Expert

Anja Emonds is a talented consultant in corporate learning, while working on her PhD in corporate learning climate and online learning behavior. She investigates the building blocks of a climate for learning, so that organizations can augment the effect of their learning platforms. She advises on learning strategy with a particular interest in learner engagement, employee motivation & blended learning.