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Critical Thinking: Tips to Unlock your Organization's Potential

To celebrate the release of a new critical thinking program,join faculty member Tom Chatfield and Learning Design Expert Ben Meakins as they discuss how implementing critical thinking can help your organization to achieve its potential.

What is critical thinking?

A recent report by the World Economic Forum, entitled “The Future of Jobs,” has ranked critical thinking as the second most essential skill for 2020.
This is because Critical thinking allows us to overcome information overload through objective analysis and evaluation, leading to effective business decisions being made.

How to use critical thinking within your organization?

Join Tom Chatfield and Ben Meakins as they discuss 3 key tips of how critical thinking can help your organization to unlock its potential.

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  • How to allocate attention effectively
  • Ways to avoid bias and flawed reasoning
  • Challenging information effectively

Featured Experts

Tom Chatfield
Tom Chatfield
Writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher

His books exploring digital culture – most recently Critical Thinking (SAGE Publishing) and Live This Book! (Penguin) – have been published in over 30 countries and languages. They explore the skills required for successful engagement with 21st-century business and society.
A non-executive director at several non-profit-making companies, Tom has worked as a consultant with many of the world’s leading tech companies.
He is also a guest faculty member at the Saïd Business School, Oxford, for its executive leadership programme, and a former associate at the Oxford Internet Institute.


Ben MeakinsBen Meakins
Learning Design Expert, CrossKnowledge

Ben is an experienced Learning consultant. His role at CrossKnowledge involves working with large organisations to deliver learning experiences that engage colleagues. Ben is passionate about exploring and achieving solutions for organizations that tap into their capabilities and return measurable results.



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