Latest trends in digital learning

When celebrating a new year, we spend a lot of time looking back on the past and looking forward to the journey ahead. As we explore what we would like to accomplish this year in our careers we may also ask ourselves the following questions: How can our team improve? What can we learn from the past year? What can we do better or differently? Stephan Atsou will help you answer some of those questions by walking you through the latest digital learning trends that we’re observing in the digital learning industry. By watching this webinar, you’ll gain technological learnings, deployment best practices, and innovative ideas that will inspire your best professional year yet.

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Stephan Atsou

Stephan Atsou

Stephan is in charge of operations for CrossKnowledge Continental Europe. His passion for innovative learning solutions and expertise on the evolution of corporate e-learning earns him regular invitations as a speaker on Global Conferences. He often speaks at international conferences, and is co-author of “e-learning: a solution for your company” (Edipro, 2009).