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Webinar: How to Create Mutually Beneficial Employee Development

How to Create Mutually Beneficial Employee Development

Developing effective learning for employees poses a challenge that is difficult for many employers to overcome: how to create learning that improves performance while enabling learners to also address their own goals and aspirations. In other words, how do organizations create learning that is beneficial for both the enterprise and the employees? The secret is designing learning that resonates with learners on multiple levels.

Join Danielle Granfar, Manager of Learning Solutions for CrossKnowledge, and Brandon Hall Group’s Claude Werder, VP/Research Operations and Principal HCM Analyst, as they provide a roadmap for mastering the art and science of creating mutually beneficial learning.


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You will leave this webinar with:

  • A model for designing blended learning that is directly linked to business performance goals.
  • Strategies for incorporating formal, informal and experiential learning in ways that meet the goals of both the organization and learners.
  • Examples of how to design learning through which employees benefit from each other’s expertise and experiences through self-directed learning and social components.
  • An understanding of the difference between learning choices that mimic NetFlix and learning that engages employees so they are motivated to learn what the organization needs them to know.


Our experts:

image of Danielle Granfar; L&D expert at CrossKnowledgeDanielle Granfar is an L&D expert with a passion for helping companies drive continuous improvement, boost employee experience, and increase competitive advantage through creative learning solutions. Skilled in working with executive teams and stakeholders to align learning programs directly to strategic business needs, leveraging the latest technology to maximize performance outcomes, engagement, and scalability.


image of Claude Werder Brandon Hall Group's research and analystClaude Werder oversees Brandon Hall Group’s research and analyst team and serves as a Principal HCM Analyst. Claude directs Brandon Hall Group’s research priorities, contributes research reports on Learning and Talent Management topics and solution providers, and conducts briefings with providers for TotalTech®, Brandon Hall Group’s exclusive database of research data and HCM solution providers, services and products.


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