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Duration: 1hr.
Faculty Webinar

"Making Inclusion Feel Inclusive for Everyone" with Tammy Hughes

Inclusion helps connect people when it’s done the right way

Unfortunately, many Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) efforts take a negative and divisive approach, instead of encouraging human connection and finding common ground. If your program focuses too much on differences, team members can feel even more divided and disassociated. Communication, feedback and listening should instead focus on the human element. With a positive approach to inclusion, differences become strengths to teams and organizations.

There are major benefits to having an inclusion program

According to Executive Coach Tammy Hughes, inclusion is all about self-empowerment and taking ownership over how people respond to you. We’ve asked Tammy to share her expert advice on how to help your employees feel safe, valued, and accepted for who they are.

By providing a healthy and positive work culture, people feel encouraged to contribute, which increases team collaboration, communication, and performance.

It can also make manager feedback more effective and reduce conflicts that stem from a lack of understanding, which means increased productivity and positive business outcomes. Retention rates will also benefit as employees stay when they feel they are appreciated.


During this interactive webinar we will get tactical and practical on how inclusion:

  • Drives more human interactions and connections
  • Encounters diversity
  • Taking ownership over how people respond to you

There are major benefits to inclusion and doing it right!

What are the benefits to helping your team feel inclusive and helping them grow? Awareness of biases and appreciation of diversity gives us a better understanding of how someone else might prefer to be treated. It also invites individuals to be active (and not passive) about how they are perceived by others.

Inclusion – what does it do for us?

  • Connects people to their individual teams, and to the business as a whole
  • Drives relationships in the workplace, which are invaluable
  • Encourages active participation as a result of feeling respected and valued

Featured Expert

Tammy Hughes

Tammy Hughes – CEO, Speaker, Master Instructor, Executive Coach

Tammy is a dynamic facilitator, presenter and business leader with over two decades of experience in a broad spectrum of organizations and industries around the globe. She launched her career at Xerox Corporation in their Corporate Education and Training Division. She began as a Training Director at The Heim Group in 1995, spearheaded the design of the highly successful GenderSpeak workshop, and became the President in 2005.

For 20 years, Tammy has explored the research on how women and men relate to and evaluate situations differently, depending on the lens they wear. Helping audiences understand what is functional and appropriate in both gender cultures drives her, so participants can wear both sets of lenses and read people more accurately and evaluate fairly.

Participants’ response to Tammy as a session leader has been overwhelmingly positive. She is fascinated by and knowledgeable about gender and generational differences — and her passion permeates her energetic style. She paints the research with fun, real-life stories from the workplace and personal life.

Traveling around the globe, Tammy delivers humorous/content-rich keynotes, executive sessions and workshops. Additionally, she offers coaching and panel moderation. Some of her clients include: McDonald’s Corporation, Procter & Gamble, GE, Google, Credit Suisse, ESPN, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, and UBS.

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