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 Duration: 1 hr.
Faculty Webinar

Integrating Critical Thinking and Technology

Tom Chatfield, recognised critical thinking expert and member of our faculty, explains the importance of building and maintaining critical thinking during a global crisis.

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What does it mean to make the most of your time, attention and the tools at your disposal amid ongoing global disruption? How can you find focus, overcome bias, and find signals amid the noise? Dr Tom Chatfield explores the importance of critical thinking skills in the present moment, and the practical steps we can take to put them into practice.


  • How to allocate attention effectively
  • Ways to avoid bias and flawed reasoning
  • How to maximize our use of technology

Featured Expert

Tom Chatfield
Tom Chatfield
Writer, broadcaster and tech philosopher

His books exploring digital culture – most recently Critical Thinking (SAGE Publishing) and Live This Book! (Penguin) – have been published in over 30 countries and languages. They explore the skills required for successful engagement with 21st-century business and society.
A non-executive director at several non-profit-making companies, Tom has worked as a consultant with many of the world’s leading tech companies.
He is also a guest faculty member at the Saïd Business School, Oxford, for its executive leadership programme, and a former associate at the Oxford Internet Institute.


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