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April 21st 2021
 Duration: 1 hr.
CK Insights Webinar

How Learner Engagement Leads to Business Impact

Learner Engagement is a crucial goal for L&D teams when thinking about their learning programs. It requires a fine balance to create a learning strategy that is appealing to learners while meeting business objectives.

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How can you improve engagement to boost business impact?

CrossKnowledge’s Learning Director, Jan Rijken is joined by Schouten Global’s CEO Camiel Gielkens to discuss the impact of learner engagement on performance and business goals. Firstly, they will explore the challenges in engaging learners, a skill that is especially needed with the increase of remote working. They will then move on to providing some easy ideas for improving engagement with digital and face-to-face training within your own organization.

This interactive webinar is for you if you are interested in:

  • What Learner engagement is and why it matters
  • The current challenges for learner engagement
  • How to boost learning engagement & performance

Featured Experts

Jan Rijken Learning DirectorJan Rijken
Learning Director, CrossKnowledge

As Crossknowledge Learning Director, Jan provides strategic advice to L&D leaders and conducts research. He is a recognized L&D thought leader, regularly publishing articles and is passionate about connecting L&D professionals. In addition, Jan is a visiting professor at IE business school and a former CLO at KPMG, ABN-AMRO & Daimler.



Camiel Gielken

Camiel Gielkens
CEO, Schouten & Nelissen

Camiel is an expert in talent development and leadership. Alongside this he is an executive coach and consultant with a background in strategy, change and leadership. Above all, Camiel is passionate about realizing the potential of the people he works with.


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