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Learner Marketing to Drive Adoption

What is learner marketing and how does it help drive adoption? Organizations spend a lot of time, money and energy acquiring learning technology and creating content. Consequently only to find that their learners are not readily engaging. Achieving the desired outcomes for learning is only possible if you drive people to adoption. Therefore, learning needs to take its cues from marketing and begin to treat learners like customers and the learning as a product.


For example this can help create:

  • Improved awareness of the learning solution
  • Increased traffic on the platform
  • Increased learner engagement and loyalty


Want to learn more about Learner Marketing? Join David Wentworth and Leïla Minten as they discuss why and how learning can market its efforts to the workforce and the impact this approach can have on results. 


Further discussion topics will include:

  • What is learner marketing?
  • Three pillars to drive engagement:
    • 1. Your Target (Audience)
    • 2. The User Experience
    • 3. Communication
  • The importance of a strong learner marketing timeline
  • Three golden rules:
    • 1. Strong naming and branding
    • 2. Remain learner centric
    • 3. Measure your outcomes


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Why? Because marketing your solution means ENGAGEMENT and as a result having engaged learners means that you create momentum. Your team able to work towards building a real learning culture within your company.


Leïla MintenLeïla Minten is SERIOUS about creating real learner engagement. It is her passion to encourage clients to always put on a marketing hat, no matter which role you are in.

David WentworthDavid Wentworth has been a research analyst in the human capital field since 2005, joining Brandon Hall Group in 2012 to concentrate on learning research. David’s research focuses on how people learn and the role of emerging technologies. David has written several reports published by ATD, covering mobile learning, social/collaborative learning, and more. 

In addition this interactive CrossKnowledge sponsored webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Digital transformation
  • New learning skills
  • New operational models
  • Digital story telling
  • The role of data


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