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 Duration 1hr.
CK Insights Webinar

How Learner Marketing Drives Learner Engagement

If L&D were to take its cues from marketing, they would begin to treat learners like customers and learning as a product, to drive engagement and fidelity!

This Webinar Explores These Key Areas of Learner Marketing:

  • What is ‘Learner Marketing’ and why is it relevant?
  • The three pillars to drive engagement.
  • The importance of a strong Learner Marketing timeline.
  • Three golden rules for a great Learner Marketing strategy.


What is Learner Marketing and how does it help drive adoption?

Organizations spend a lot of time, money and energy acquiring learning technology and creating content. So why do many of them struggle with lagging engagement rates and a decline in user connections after the launch?

With a Learner Marketing Plan, you can achieve:

  • Improved awareness of the learning solution.
  • Increased traffic on the platform.
  • Increased learner engagement and loyalty.

Learner engagement has always been a key issue for L&D teams, as a result many digital learning platforms are considered to be under performing. Learner marketing can help with this challenge. Above all a well implemented strategy will increase usage of your solution and encourage learner loyalty.

Our CrossKnowledge expert will discuss the basics and share some key principles for implementing a successful strategy. In addition these tips are designed for everyone and prove that learner marketing is possible without a Marketing or Communications background.

Featured Experts

Leila Minten - learner Marketing
Leila Minten
Learner Marketing Consultant, CrossKnowledge

Leila is SERIOUS about creating real learner engagement. It is her passion to encourage clients to always put on a Marketing hat, no matter which role you are in.

Why? Because marketing your solution means ENGAGEMENT and engaged learners create a momentum which enables you to work towards building a real learning culture in your organization.




CrossKnowledge delivers an integrated and personalized learning experience: a unique combination of our digital content for the most in-demand skills created with world-renowned experts, a learning platform built with human and artificial intelligence, and unmatched accountability with a dedicated Client Success Team. In conclusion our team can help to support the implementation of your solution with tailored marketing designed to boost engagement and loyalty.

To find out more about how CrossKnowledge can help your organization contact our team.