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January 28th, 2021
28th January, 2021
 2:00 - 3:00pm GMT
CK Insights Webinar

3 Simple Questions to Discover What Learners Really Want From Digital Learning

2020 has been the year of digital learning. With many organisations moving to remote working, there has been rapid change to move training from face to face to digital formats. Digital has many advantages and opportunities for L&D teams, but do we really know what our learners want from this format?

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How do we know what Learners want?

Join CrossKnowledge’s Philippe Derouck and Fosway analyst David Perring in this interactive webinar exploring this question. Here they discuss the findings from the recent CrossKnowledge research project ‘Digital Learning: Looking at it from the Learners Perspective’ alongside wider industry trends. Together they will guide you through the 3 key questions to consider when creating a digital learning strategy. In addition, they will also provide ideas for how to implement your findings.

    The 3 key questions are:

  • Why are they learning? The motivations of your learners.
  • What should they be learning? How to ensure you are meeting their needs and making learning relevant.
  • How do they learn? Reducing pain points in the learning journey to ensure interaction and continuous learning.

In conclusion,this 60 minute webinar will equip you with ideas and simple tips on how to boost the success of your digital training by looking at your programme from the learners perspective.

Featured Experts

Philippe Derouck HeadshotPhilippe Derouck
Global Brand and Product Marketing Manager

Philippe Derouck is our Global Brand and Product Marketing Manager at CrossKnowledge. Philippe has over 15 years’ experience in growing strong global brands and managing relevant product portfolios. He promotes the creation of relevant and engaging digital learning solutions that have the power to advance people and the organizations they work for, every day.


David PerringDavid Perring 
Research Director, Fosway Group

David Perring has been a learning professional for over 30 years.
As Director of Research for Fosway Group, he explores the experiences of practitioners and suppliers to understand the realities of what’s happening in corporate learning, talent development and HR. This insight is gathered through the deep research he conducts for Fosway alongside his own experience of working with organizations.


On-Demand Webinar

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