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February 9th, 2021
 Duration: 1hr.
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Learning Driven Growth at Schneider Electric

This Learning Driven Growth webinar is for you if you are wondering how to develop the right skills of leaders to contribute to the profitable expansion of your company?

Schneider Electric has been over performing on growth but underperforming on EBIT vs their competition. What has been uncovered is that their business unit leaders need to be upskilled to better manage business outcomes and to monitor their Profit &Loss.

With the ongoing pandemic and many organizations still working from home it is more difficult than ever to maintain the work-life balance.

During this webinar we will focus on two training programs “Building Great Leaders” and “Leadership for Profitable Growth

You’ll discover:

  • How Schneider Electric evolved their digital learning programs over time.
  • Deploying a fully global mobile program.
  • Integrating with 3rd party partners.

This learning driven growth project was planned as fully digital following the pilot (for cost reasons) but the Covid-19 crisis accelerated things and in particular the follow-up which also went to fully digital. The results of the first sessions are astonishing (positively) for this type of target who usually cannot spend much time to train!

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These circumstances have led to an increased focus on well-being of colleagues and an interesting challenge for HR and L&D teams as they try to establish how to restore this balance. Schneider Electric has partnered with CrossKnowledge for over 15 years and their purpose is to empower all to make the most of their energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. At Schneider, they call this Life Is On.


Alban Jacquin SE
Alban Jacquin is a Learning Experience & Innovation Director at Schneider Electric.

Alban joined Schneider Electric in 2006 as corporate communication manager, in charge of all the corporate presentation tools. In 2008, he joined the newly created Global Marketing department, in charge of the Speakers Bureau while, in parallel, managing the CEO speaking opportunities.

In 2010, Alban joined the sustainable development department of Schneider Electric in charge of the sustainability performance and stakeholders’ engagement. During his four years in this position, he supported the deployment of best-in-class corporate social responsibility policy.

In 2014, Alban moved to the United States and took a new position of Learners’ experience lead within Schneider Electric. He supports the learning transformation of the company through the improvement of IT platforms, content standards and processes as well as communication and change management around learning. The aim: making learning fun, intuitive and customized to support people’s development. He is passionate about making complex things simple, making an impact in people’s lives and learning driven growth.


Aurelie BRAUN SE
Aurélie Braun is a Director, Finance Academy at Schneider Electric.

Aurélie holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Lubin School of Business, at Pace University, New-York and a degree from NEOMA business school in France, Aurélie started her career with PwC joining in the external audit practice before moving to Transaction Services. She continued her work supporting mergers and acquisitions at Areva T&D before switching to operations by becoming a Financial controller, including officiating as Entity Financial Controller in a factory in Finland.

For the last decade Aurélie has been at Schneider-Electric, taking on several roles in Finance, from Performance Measurement and Financial Planning & Analysis to Finance Business Partner. In 2018, Aurélie became Finance Academy Director, where she is in charge of growing Financial acumen on a core population of about 4,500 people, as well as working on their upskilling, notably on Digital, Agility, Compliance and Business acumen.


Morgan Ballevre of CrossKnowledge
Morgan Ballevre is a Regional Presales Manager at CrossKnowledge.

Morgan is a multi-cultural optimist who is passionate about the role of learning technology within the success of an organization. He enjoys engaging with new technologies and is always curious to find out how we can leverage those different solutions within a connected eco-system. Additionally, building on more than 20 years living abroad – in Asia, Europe, South America and North America, he is fascinated about the crucial role that culture plays within the development of individuals.

Morgan, drawing from his international background as well as his career in a semi-professional rugby team, has considerable experience of management in multi-cultural environments and leadership capabilities.


There were certain skill gaps for example, diversity of their business models and insufficient understanding of markets. Schneider Electric partners with CrossKnowledge to achieve the following program objectives:

  • Increase financial acumen
  • Value creation and financial markets expectations
  • Key financial levers for monitoring their business models

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CrossKnowledge delivers an integrated and personalized learning experience: a unique combination of our digital content for the most in-demand skills created with world-renowned experts, a learning platform built with human and artificial intelligence, and unmatched accountability with a dedicated Client Success Team. Above all, that’s what makes CrossKnowledge the trusted learning partner of organizations, helping L&D, managers and learners acquire the skills they need to succeed.

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