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Listening Skills: The Key to Team Success

In the 2nd webinar of our series focusing on the top 3 people challenges, we will take a deep dive on listening skills. Join our expert Natalie Harvey, Learning & Performance Consultant and Coach for this interactive workshop. Natalie will share her experiences and learning on this topic from her role as former deputy director of L&D for Saint Gobain.

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The listening skills covered in this interactive webinar:

  • Cosmetic – A type to avoid as this refers to pretending to listen
  • Conversational – An everyday listening skill of listening and thinking of your response
  • Active / Attentive – Where the listener takes more effort to listen and absorb information
  • Deep – Takes into account things such as body language and patterns in language

Why are listening skills so important?

Good listeners obtain a better understanding of people and situations, so surely it follows that good managers need to be good listeners.

Within this webinar Natalie will be referencing the work of Julie Starr and Stephen Covey.

Julie Starr, in her book ‘The Coaching Manual’ 4th Edition, asserts that “The art of listening is generally misunderstood as a behavior and underrated as a skill.”

Stephen Covey [The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People] explains that people often do not listen in a conversation, instead, they rush to talk and give advice or opinion.

This is a crucial but often underrated skill for all team members. Good listening skills can elevate your team relationships to the next level and provide a better understanding of situations which can boost organizational success.

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CrossKnowledge have partnered with Natalie to create a series of 3 live online workshops with practical resources, designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to address these challenges.

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Featured Expert

Natalie Harvey

Natalie Harvey
Learning Consultant & Coach (ICF, FLPI, MCIPD)

Working in the construction industry for the last 20 years, operating at a senior level in Human Resources and Learning and Development, latterly for Saint-Gobain in Paris (one of the world’s top 100 innovative businesses and a global Top Employer), Natalie has considerable experience of developing people and leadership capability.

As founder of her own business, CoDevelopYou, Natalie now applies her passion and curiosity to encourage individuals to discover themselves, develop their behaviours and leverage their strengths; and with leadership teams to develop their capability and positively impact organisation, team and individual performance and development.


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