Are You Learning for Tomorrow?

Ever since humans began to realize that other people had skills or knowledge they might not have, we have been learning from, and teaching each other. As the base of human knowledge grows bigger, and the population of learners becomes ever more dispersed and diverse, organizations and individuals have tried to create tools to help people access the right learning the right time. And as the world grows more complex, we have realized that learning how to learn is one of the most important skills of all. 


Individuals that are able to easily access the small bit of learning information they need in the moment can often be more successful. But like any tool, it’s important to remember that activities like micro learning are not going to change your organization by themselves. It is how they are used by students. Micro learning continues to play a huge role in organizational success, but it’s even more successful when it’s deployed in context of a broader learning objective. This not only helps the individual remember the skills as they are taught in order, but they are more memorable because they form together to accomplish a bigger goal. 

Join us for this complimentary webinar! Your host, Mollie Lombardi and Danish Khan, will explore the impact of tools like micro learning, and how organizations should think of them in the context of their overall learning strategy.

Featured Experts:

Mollie Lombardi has written and spoken around the world on issues such as leadership development, employee engagement, workforce management, payroll, and workplace culture. She is Co-Founder of Aptitude Research Partners, an HCM focused research, analyst, and advisory firm. Aptitude conducts primary research covering end-to-end human capital management to understand the impact of HR strategies and technologies on organizational outcomes and individual success.





Danish Khan of CrossKnowledgeAs a product marketing manager with a technical background, Danish Khan helps design CrossKnowledge products and solutions to fit the needs of today’s learners and launch them to the market successfully. He is passionate about innovation and the role technology can play in enabling the growth of individuals and teams.





This webinar is providing easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Learning to acquire skills
  • How organizations incorporate different learning formats into their overall learning strategy
  • How learning corresponds to organizational success