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Solving the Skills Gap:
How to create a sustainable - high impact - approach to skills development

What is a skills gap?

A skills gap is the difference between the skills required by an organization and the skills held by its workforce. 90% of organizations are currently struggling to bridge their skills gaps and 1 in 4 companies have left a vacancy open in the last year because they couldn’t find the right skills.

How to close the skills gap

Join David Perring and Venessa Parker as they discuss the steps that your organization can take to identify and close their skills gaps. Together they will show how a practical approach to skills development can align the needs of learners, managers and organization leading to success.

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  • The importance of learning culture and who owns skills development – learners, managers, L&D, business leaders
  • Being people first, and how do you create an infrastructure to support skills development
  • Practical steps to addressing skills gap for the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Creating learning experiences that last for the learner, develop skills and drive performance

Featured Experts

David Perring

David Perring
Research Director, Fosway Group

David Perring has been a learning professional for over 30 years.
As Director of Research for Fosway Group, he explores the experiences of practitioners and suppliers to understand the realities of what’s happening in corporate learning, talent development and HR. This insight is gathered through the deep research he conducts for Fosway alongside his own experience of working with organizations.


Venessa headshotVenessa Parker
Digital Learning Consultant, CrossKnowledge

Venessa is an award-winning Learning and Development professional, who transforms traditional training to incorporate digital and social experiences. She now partners with various L&D teams to advise on elements such as creating a learning culture, data analysis, proving business impact and learning experience design.


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