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Webinar with Towards Maturity: Unlock Potential Through Your Managers and Leaders

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Managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement scores* and play a critical role in how employees adapt to a changing work environment (People leave managers, not companies). Hence, how we equip new and seasoned managers today will determine how they not only unlock their own potential in this new world of work but also that of their staff.  

Please join our experts for the launch of the new In-Focus report by Towards Maturity and CrossKnowledge. During this webinar, Jane and Anja will consider how to design holistic learning experiences that equip managers today to respond profitably to change. They will combine the experience of senior L&D and HR gathered in the September edition of the CrossKnowledge Breakfast Session, with data from high performing learning organisations and thousands of managers.


Anja Emonds

Anja Emonds

CrossKnowledge Learning Institute
PhD student Organisational Learning Climate

Jane Daly

Jane Daly

Head of Strategic Insights Towards Maturity


  • How to use technology to build confidence and reduce time to competency for new managers
  • How to tune into the ways that managers learn on the job
  • How to create a culture of continuous learning that starts with managers

*Gallup’s 2015 report on “State of the American Managers”