Accompagner une acquisition des compétences durable, grâce aux parcours Path to performance

Webinar - Drive Skills Acquisition Towards Performance

Watch this interactive webinar to learn how you can use content to improve learner skills and performance!

In today’s L&D landscape, content is often the focal point of corporate training strategies. However, the real role of content in the learning process is often misunderstood: content alone cannot ensure an engaging, impactful learning experience. In addition, the way in which content is delivered to learners is crucial to ensuring deep skills acquisition.

During this interactive webinar, Jason Hathaway, our Director of Content & Learning Solutions, will provide insights on:

  • How to determine the real need for learners: a quick reference guide vs. sustainable skills acquisition
  • How to easily use “bridge content” to increase relevance and create a seamless learning experience
  • How CrossKnowledge provides off-the-shelf, customizable experiences that combine:

1. expert faculty content

2. state-of-the-art technology

3. human interaction, designed to achieve your organization’s training objectives

Featured Expert:

Jason Hathaway is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, and has taught and worked at ESSEC, a top French Business School. His academic career has spanned two continents and he has published numerous books and articles on language, culture and society as well as given conferences on instructional design for professionals in higher education and adult learning.