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10 / 11 / 2016
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Humanizing the Learning Experience

As L&D providers, we are responsible for helping our employees stay relevant and grow. Although it may seem like it, it’s not about increasing available content. It’s about creating a learning ecosystem, made up of content, systems and people, that supports learners for their positions now and in the future.
Join us for this complimentary webinar sponsored by Degreed.
Key Takeaways

In this webinar Learning executives Todd Tauber of Degreed and Jason Hathaway of CrossKnowledge will help you get to bottom of the “learning ecosystem” hype, helping you understand:

  • How learners approach their development in 2016
  • The key components of a learning ecosystem
  • The two types of learning that deliver the best results
  • What you as an L&D leader can focus on for better engagement


Featured Expert

Jason Hathaway CrossKnowledge

Born in the US, Jason Hathaway is an alumnus of the University of Virginia and has been living in France for the past 15 years. Before joining CrossKnowledge,  where he’s currently Head of Content & Learning Solutions, Jason taught and worked as a Program Manager at France’s n°2 Business School (ESSEC). His academic career has spanned two continents and he has published numerous books and articles on language, culture and society as well as given conferences on instructional design for professionals in higher education and adult learning.