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How to bring your learners the experience they want, to see the change you need

Organisations need to support learners in their learning journeys with more than just content. They need to support and engage learners across the entire learning process. What is needed are solutions that can help create and sustain learning experiences and engagement across the learning cycle. No longer should training be something that is done to your learners! Rather it should be an activity that learners actually want to get involved with.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Understand how Learning Management Systems (LMS) are evolving
  • Create meaningful learning journeys
  • Discover the key ingredients for successful transformations


Featured Experts

David PerringDavid Perring is the Director of Research at Fosway Group, Europe’s # 1 HR Analyst. With over 25 years of experience gained from working with Europes’s leading brands, David is both a commentator and advisor for Learning and Talent Innovation. He is the author of research papers and articles on Learning & HR technology, including Fosway’s 9-Grids for learning technologies.


Paul MortonPaul Morton is the Director of UK & Nordics operations for CrossKnowledge, which has been part of the Wiley Group since 2014. He has been living and breathing learning for over 19 years. He started in business as a stand-up trainer, then as a coder creating an early LMS, an elearning author and then as a manager of learning technology teams. Today, he leads the UK & Nordics teams for CrossKnowledge in London working with some of the region’s largest companies on business change projects delivered through digital learning.