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WEBINAR: Leveraging integration to build a relevant learner landscape

How do you leverage integration to build a relevant learner landscape?

Duration: 40 minutes

The constant introduction of new technologies has enriched not only our personal lives but also fundamentally changed the way we work, collaborate and interact with our work associates. We now work in a varied and diverse digital landscape, where the acceleration of new and competing technologies has challenged the ability to create an effective integrated learner landscape.

The role of Learning and Development is changing, it is becoming more pivotal to organisation’s central strategies. Therefore during this webinar, we will be looking at the new role Learning and Development departments need to play, how integration is a key component for success and what an ideal integrated learner landscape looks like.



Key Take-Aways:

  • The changing role of Learning & Development
  • Common misconceptions of integration for Learning & Development
  • Considerations for building a relevant landscape of integration for your learners
  • The CrossKnowledge approach to adding value equally for the learner, manager and organisation with integration


Host: Morgan Ballevre – Learning Experience Expert

Morgan Ballevre of CrossKnowledgeMorgan Ballevre is a multi-cultural optimistic who is passionate about ensuring organisations consider the learning and development of their employees as a key component of their success. Morgan enjoys engaging with new technologies and is always curious to find out how we can leverage learning technologies with learning design to deliver impactful learning experiences. Morgan draws on his role as a semi-professional rugby player to inspire his leadership and team management. This background combined with the experience of living in six countries across four different continents has lead him to some interesting views and debates on the impact culture has on the roles of leadership and learning. Last but not least, Morgan enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person when travelling between visiting clients.