Did you know that onboarding improves employee productivity and engagement?

Learning to support onboarding

All companies, no matter their size or industry, are faced with an incredible opportunity when a new employee joins the organization. However, if onboarding is not handled correctly, this opportunity can quickly turn into a huge risk and lead to increased costs, negative impact on employee branding and decreased engagement and productivity from employees.

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“98% of organizations want to improve their onboarding process.”

– Brandon Hall, Onboarding 2016: Seeking Improvement


“Newly hired staff leaves within the first 45 DAYS of employment.”

– Human Capital Institute 2016: Onboarding Outcomes: Fulfill New Hire Expectations


“New hires leave within the 1ST YEAR.”

– CEB, Gartner 2016: New Hire Survey

L&D departments have a responsibility to take stock of this crucial stage in the employee lifecycle
and make sure that digital learning is at the forefront of all onboarding programs.

Although each company creates its own onboarding process, throughout extensive research a defined set of KPIs were combined into 3 main categories that have a crucial impact on onboarding process.


Key Metrics of Best-in-Class Onboarding Programs*

Key Metrics of Best-in-Class Onboarding Programs
Performance: Productive new hires in a shorter period of time

■ Optimize time-to-proficiency/productivity by targeting individual performance needs
■ Ensure new hires have the knowledge & resources they need for both short and long-term success

Engagement: Help new hires fully understand their roles and their relationship to the big picture

■ Clarify responsibilities and performance expectations, individual and team goals
■ Involve managers to help welcome and assimilate new hires into the work team, the department, and company

Connection: Create a sense of community and connect new hires to their colleagues and organization as a whole

■ Provide tools and resources to establish meaningful connections with new colleagues, peers and experts
■ Reinforce sense of belonging through social networks and mentorship

Legend: Sources: *Brandon Hall, High Performance Onboarding: A New Model for Excellence


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ICRC comité international de la Croix Rouge, Genève

“We want the 70:20:10 model to really drive how we do things, and for training to be genuinely user-centric and relevant to the situations our field staff actually face. A lot of what we’re doing digitally is giving new staff the experience of life in the field, to prepare them for deployment more quickly and effectively.”

– Dr Feena May, Head of Learning and Development at the International Committee of Red Cross


Onboarding Prepared ICRC Employees for Future Challenges

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