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Learn and work better together with our facilitated learning programs.

Facilitated Learning - CrossKnowledge

Empower your key talent with the right capabilities to navigate today’s business challenges.

Our new outcome-designed programs uniquely blend premium content and expert facilitation, for an engaging cohort experience that purposefully reconnects your employees with shared purpose and aligned to business goals.
Unlock great leadership, creativity and team connectivity within your organization!

We know how essential upskilling and reskilling is to you, your people and your business

Wherever you are on your digital learning journey, CrossKnowledge helps you set a clear path towards effective skill building at scale. For the lifetime of our partnership, we ensure efficient delivery of impactful learning experiences and provide you with strategic guidance and governance.

CrossKnowledge clients gain L&D industry recognition

Best-in-class learning strategies and their successful implementations should be celebrated. We make sure that your hard work is made visible and gets rewarded with the market recognition you deserve.
The future of work is made by you! Will your contribution be praised next?

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Lead your digital learning initiatives with confidence

Your organization is unique, so is your learning strategy. For every skill-building challenge you face, we have the expertise to help you overcome it.

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions

Leading edge designed blended learning paths

With proven pedagogical techniques, a full range of learning activities and a user-centric interface, you’ll be able to create engaging blended paths and drive effective learning outcomes.

CrossKnowledge Channeled Solutions

Build capability academies to support your business priorities

Whether it’s a Leadership or Supply Chain Academy, offer targeted groups a strong learning community where they can develop specific skills and share knowledge and best practices.

CrossKnowledge CK Connect Solutions

Deliver personalized soft skills training at scale

Give each employee the training they need to unlock their human potential. We leverage the power of personalization at scale to accelerate every learner’s personal development.

Train your employees on the most in-demand skills

We bring together the latest findings in learning science and the world’s leading experts to create the training programs you need to future-proof your workforce.

  • Leadership & Management
  • Hybrid Working
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Personal & Interpersonal Development
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Work-life Balance & Well-being
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Deliver effective skill building through our engaging learning platform

Upskill and reskill your workforce with CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, an award-winning learning platform that helps you build and deliver effective and engaging learning experiences to hybrid workers.
All in one place!

Learning Experience Platform

Upskill and reskill your workforce thanks to the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, a powerful learning experience platform that helps you build and distribute effective and engaging learning experiences. All in one place!

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Integration & APIs

CrossKnowledge integration capabilities extend to every corner of what makes digital learning successful. We have developed deep technological capabilities to simplify end-user experience and ensure accessibility.

Mobile Learning

Equip your employees to develop their skills wherever they are, anytime. With MyLearning App, offer one experience regardless of the device.

Lead from the middle: 3 strategies to empower and engage your middle managers

Because managers play such an important role in any organization’s success, they must be empowered to lead from the middle. This is easier said than done, because managers have so many responsibilities and require so many skills.

Empower your managers with the right learning opportunities, so they can build both human and social capital, reaping the benefits of a close-knit team.

In this e-book, we’ll provide three strategies to help you increase engagement by leveraging shared purpose, making investments in human and social capital, and using education to help your managers align their leadership practices across the organization.

Lead from the middle - a facilitated learning program