Grow your people with focused upskilling

Develop entire employee populations at scale, matched to their career development journey and aligned with business expectations.

Focused upskilling - CrossKnowledge

Deploy award-winning upskilling strategies to
grow your employees.

From starters to seasoned leaders, develop relevant
Human and Leadership skills at every career stage.

Embark your employees on a programmatic skills
development journey.

Foster personal

Ensure fruitful
learning outcomes

Keep pace with
business expectations

Discover how top learning leaders showcase their significant influence
and results

The trusted upskilling partner of strong global employer brands

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What are your upskilling challenges?

Achieve business-aligned learning outcomes with proven learning solutions

Facilitated Cohort Learning

Facilitated Learning Programs

Facilitated Upskilling Programs

Serve specific employee populations with social blended learning

Capabilities Academies

CrossKnowledge Channeled Solutions

Capability academies

Whether it’s a Leadership or Supply Chain Academy, offer targeted groups a strong learning community where they can develop specific skills and share knowledge and best practices.

Self-paced Blended Learning

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions

Leading edge designed blended learning paths

With proven pedagogical techniques, a full range of learning activities and a user-centric interface, you’ll be able to create engaging blended paths and drive effective learning outcomes.

Leverage blended learning excellence
with four key components

Our blended learning components are a proven combination of upskilling
solutions that will have a positive cascading effect throughout your organization.

Premium content on in-demand skills

Quality content on in-demand skills from thought-leading authors

Proven Blended Learning - focused upskilling

Proven blended learning
capabilities and learning tech

Facilitation Expert for focused upskilling

Facilitation experts
to boost learning outcomes

Learning Design expertise for focused upskilling

In-house expert services from conception to adoption