Management & Leadership

The notion of leadership has evolved significantly over the past few years. Leadership is no longer reserved to a small group of top managers but implies specific skills and character traits that everybody in the organization should have in common. Helping organizations foster leadership has been at the heart of our mission since the very beginning: we truly believe that leadership is not innate and that every person in the organization can become a leader.

Gain competitive advantage in a changing world

By generating a culture of leadership for all staff and not just a few top managers, organizations can significantly boost their results. First, cultivating management & leadership improves organizational agility by distributing ownership, responsibilities and accountability. Secondly, it boosts initiatives and reactivity as well as facilitates quick adaptability to better face the complexity of today’s workplace. Management & leadership are therefore essential for organizations to survive, succeed and prosper.

Inspire and motivate an increasingly demanding workforce

The modern workforce has brought along fresh challenges for organizations, notably with the arrival of younger generations whose work habits and expectations can often be very different from those of previous ones.

Distributing leadership at every level of the organization will develop your staff’s autonomy, engagement and fulfilment. By empowering them, they will become happier, more satisfied, and as a result more efficient. In addition, distributing leadership also guarantees higher loyalty and reduced recruitment costs.


Example topics covered by this category include:

Management 3.0 – Vision – People Development – Coaching – Delegation & Empowerment – Altruism – Decision Making – Innovation – Leadership Attitudes – Change Management… and many more titles!